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We at PBA Group realize that this is a very trying time in your life. We've seen the banks take advantage of multiple families, so we decided to do something to rescue unsuspecting and trusting families from any further mistreatment, or deception. When we say we're here to help, WE MEAN IT!

You have several options to choose from. Below are (Just a few) 

You'll also see video reviews of REAL CLIENTS! Folks just like you, Only difference is, they're STRESS FREE NOW! You can be as well.  


                           It's time to regain your Peace of Mind! 

~What Our Clients Are Saying~

I would Recommend this Company to all my family, friends and co-workers.

Marie Williams was so knowledgeable, and compassionate. She was truly remarkable!

Thank you PBA Group for all your hard work.

~Ronald Foreman Satisfied Client~


What Makes Us Special?

What Sets PBA Group Apart from the Rest is That WE TRULY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. There Are So Many Businesses Out There That Are Only In It For The Money!  Here at PBA Group We Operate And Assist Our Clients with The Utmost Integrity. And We Strongly Believe in Karma!  That Word is Usually Used in Bad Terms, But Karma Is Not Always Bad. People Can Collect Good Karma As well As Bad. We Pride Ourselves In Collecting Good Karma. We Conduct Our Business By The 

"GOLDEN RULE." Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated! Our Clients Come to Us Distraught, Confused, and STRESSED OUT!!! Sometimes Not Knowing Where to Turn.  Once We're Done with the Situation, They Walk Away Happy and Satisfied. 

 That Is What Sets Us Apart, And Makes Us Special.



 Stop the Foreclosure.

The foreclosure & or Trustee sale can be cancelled or  postponed.


 A new loan (Refi), some cash out reserves, and In most cases, Fico Score is not an issue. It's primarily based on the home's equity. You basically get a new mortgage, and a chance to start clean.  Stress GONE! 


This is called the Lease with option to (buy back)

You get your arrears paid & brought  current, as well as receive  imbursement. You will receive  X amount of dollars. It is not a loan. You do not have to pay it back. The dollar amount varies because every situation is different.  With this option you get to stay in your home, "but your mortgage becomes rent". So basically, you rent the home until you buy it back.  You are  given  the option to buy the home back within 6 months to a year If you so choose.  


Because there is no time left for the typical 30-45 day  Escrow sale, your arrears are paid to stop the auction sale of the home.  You then come to a mutual agreement  to sell the property & you receive a large % of the proceeds. 


There is also a relocation option. You can receive $10,000 to $500,000 to assist in relocating and starting a clean slate. Every situation varies,  and sometimes change is good. We've had several clients choose this option. The amount you receive depends on the value of the home, the equity, and how much  you owe the bank. But you will be able to  leave the past & the stress behind, and start fresh with a Peace of Mind!


No matter which Option you choose, anyone of them is     better than losing your home to Trustee Sale Auction &  receiving nothing but a 3 day notice. Then having to use the money you currently have to move out! 

That can lead to a far  worse situation.

That's not what you want, & that's not what we want for you. 


We Also Do Fresh Mortgages For Folks Who Would Like To Purchase a Home. We're Here For You As Well. We Make It Simple & Easy For You. We Take Most Of  The Foot Work Out, And Save You The Hassle. You Can Use Your Energy On Other Things, Like Being Excited About Your New Home, Picking Out New Furnishings, And Planning Your House Warming Party!

We Have Your Best Interest At Heart. 

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